Sendko Ltd. (СЕНДКО ЕООД) provides custom solutions to companies of any size.  Having been in the software development industry for over 13 years, Sendko’s team is the PERFECT partner for your current or future projects.  In addition to software and mobile development, we provide consulting and guidance on how you can implement your projects more efficiently, securely and timely.  Our team would be there for you. When appropriate, we will suggest new ideas and innovative approach when planning and executing online systems for our clients.


We are a team of professionals specializing in building custom online systems, primarily in the messaging industry.  Our team is responsible for building and maintaining some of the TOP systems in mobile messaging space, while providing superior, timely and professional service to our clients.  In addition to messaging systems, Sendko Ltd. has created great online systems in the following industries: online dating, health, food delivery, e-commerce, etc.  Since our foundation in 2007, Sendko Ltd. has been a witness of several technological changes in the world, from custom software solutions, mobile apps, frameworks, big data, cloud infrastructure, push technologies, RESTful APIs, etc.  The team @Sendko is committed to constantly advancing and innovating, helping our clients with not only their technology needs, but also consulting and guiding towards a successful online business ventures.

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